Home Additions

Home Expansions

As your household grows and changes throughout the years, you may find that your home needs a few additions to accommodate its needs. Even a new home may need the addition of a new room or extra space in order to make it just right for your family. We can assist you with every type of home addition, undertaking both the planning and construction of the project from beginning to end.

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Even with the most efficient of floor plans, some houses can’t provide enough storage space for those of us who have a bulk of important belongings to keep secure. When your storage items exceed the storage room available in your home, adding an attic is an ideal solution. We offer professional attic addition services, in which our expert team builds an optimally useful attic into the upper level of your home.

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In-Law Suites

Welcoming your extended family into your home should be a happy time, but it can be stressful if there simply isn’t enough space. You and your relatives should have the room needed to maintain privacy and independence, while still enjoying the closeness of sharing a home. We can provide this freedom for you through the construction of beautiful in-law suites that provide all of the amenities your family members want and need.

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Patios & Decks

The ideal home shouldn’t only provide comfort indoors, it should provide comfort outdoors as well. Having a spacious patio or deck enables your family to take in the beauty of the surrounding land and neighborhood. Our expert team can help you with the planning and installation of your own outdoor seating area, developing the perfect way to integrate it with the existing architecture of your house.

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Loft Conversions

Maximizing the livability of your home means that every space should be made to serve the unique needs of your family. This requires either the elimination or transformation of rooms that currently impractical for your household. In many homes, the attic is such a space. We can help you turn your unused attic into a place that can be enjoyed on a daily basis. Our team has managed loft conversions of many types, turning attics into bedrooms, offices, luxury bathrooms, and more.

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