Infill Homes

Urban neighborhoods are refreshed and revitalized through our quality infill services. Our infill homes don’t only increase neighborhood housing options, they beautify the area, add property value, attract new residents, and improve the community overall. By developing efficient plans as well as managing the construction, we are able to offer sound, cost-effective solutions for what are typically expensive and complicated infill home projects.

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Toronto Infill Home Construction

As Canada’s largest city, it is growing in population and size every day. This creates a need for more housing options, which in turn, if not managed effectively, can lead to problematic urban sprawl. We offer an ideal solution with our infill home construction service, which takes empty or underutilized plots and buildings in urban environments and converts them to space-efficient homes. Instead of developing on the outer edges of the city, our work helps to create more multi-dwelling zones within the urban center, providing a host of benefits to locals and the overall infrastructure of Toronto. Our crew members have worked on countless infill projects, and have all of the expertise required to pull off even more successful constructions.

We build strategically planned homes that have all of the comforts of traditional housing. They integrate perfectly in their surrounding communities, stimulating the local economy by attracting new residents, increasing the diversity of buildings in the area, and establishing a sense of place within the neighborhood. Additionally, the area becomes more sustainable, by conserving energy and providing more low-impact transportation options as a result of compact development. Our work contributes to smart growth initiatives, which are the key to making large cities thrive.

Design in mind.

While the development of infill homes does a wealth of good for communities, there are still frequent complaints of these new structures mismatching the surrounding buildings. This problem needn’t exist when we’re on the job. Our architects and designers can draft plans for infill homes that maintain the aesthetic consistency of the neighborhoods they’re built in. With our attention to detail, residents can feel comfortable with the look of the new housing.

We work around your needs.

Despite infill homes typically being made to provide affordable housing, their construction can cost a great deal. Between the acquisition of all necessary Toronto permits and the urban plots for development, the initial costs can be high before construction is even factored into the budget. We ease the financial strain of this situation by providing innovative options in design, materials, and strategies.