Major Repairs

There’s nothing more stressful than trying to carry out your day to day routine while living in a home that has suffered significant damages. We believe that no family should have to feel inconvenienced and uncomfortable in their own home, which is why we offer affordable services for major repairs. We attend to all types of damages, swiftly implementing the best solutions and making the affected area look even better than it did before.

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Toronto Major Home Repairs

As a homeowner, you enjoy many wonderful perks. Privacy, independence, and total freedom are just a few of the great advantages, but owning a home also comes with a few costs, one of which is full responsibility for repairs. With no landlord or housing association to shoulder the burden, it’s up to you to attend to damages. If you don’t you can put your family’s safety at risk, as well as the value and structural integrity of your home.

It doesn’t matter what the cause of your damage is - human accident, inclement weather, an aging home, or some other sort of disaster - we just want to help you through it. We can repair severe issues of all kinds, including falling ceilings, floors that break through, holes in walls, water damage, fire damage, mold, rot, and more. Our work is done quickly and diligently, giving you quality, like new results that will stand the test of time.

Some things are best left to professionals.

For some homeowners that have a few handyman skills, no job seems too tough to handle. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be more untrue. Every day, many homeowners make the mistake of taking on a major repair project that requires the skill and wisdom of a seasoned contractor, resulting in worsened damages or a patch-up job that compromises the safety and quality of your home. Don’t saddle yourself with such a burden, trust us to handle your major repairs.

Has it escalated too far?

We know that you care about your home, which is why you take care of it. But even with regular maintenance and check ups in the usual domains, severe damages can slip under the radar. If you’ve been unlucky enough to find a surprising problem in need of immediate repair, you can rely on us. Our crew is adept at handling even the most complex of major repairs.