In-Law Suites

Welcoming your extended family into your home should be a happy time, but it can be stressful if there simply isn’t enough space. You and your relatives should have the room needed to maintain privacy and independence, while still enjoying the closeness of sharing a home. We can provide this freedom for you through the construction of beautiful in-law suites that provide all of the amenities your family members want and need.

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Toronto In-Law Suite Additions

As relatives get older or fall on hard times, you may find that the best way to help them is by welcoming them into your home. But before you do that, you’ll want to be sure that they can move in to comfortable quarters that leave both of you feeling content with the new living arrangement. Our professional contractors can help you add an inviting in-law suite to your home without extended waiting or unnecessary expense.

You and your loved one will get to pick just how you want the in-law suite to look, choosing the materials and fixtures that appeal to you most from our exclusive design center. The suite can be constructed to include all of the features needed. This includes a private bathroom, laundry room, kitchenette, living room, and any other amenities needed to make your family member feel at home.

Family comes first.

There’s nothing that feels better than lending a helping hand to a loved one. If you have a relative who needs full-time support, consider having us build a top of the line in-law suite. We can customize the suite to meet their every need, even going so far as to include wheelchair access and other special needs accommodations, electronic monitoring, in-home communication systems like intercoms, and more.

Custom made solutions.

When it comes to building an in-law suite, one of the most important decisions lies in its location. The placement of the suite affects the privacy and independence levels of both you and your relative. Our experienced team can help the both of you determine which location best suits your needs, then create a plan for how to efficiently handle the construction.