Loft Conversions

Maximizing the livability of your home means that every space should be made to serve the unique needs of your family. This requires either the elimination or transformation of rooms that currently impractical for your household. In many homes, the attic is such a space. We can help you turn your unused attic into a place that can be enjoyed on a daily basis. Our team has managed loft conversions of many types, turning attics into bedrooms, offices, luxury bathrooms, and more.

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Toronto Loft Conversions

When searching for space in your home, you may try a variety of tricks. After all, so much home design advice touts that if you only had more clever arrangements and organizing solutions, you’d have all the room you need. While this sounds promising, it sometimes just isn’t the case. But you needn’t worry. If you have an unused or underutilized attic residing in the upper level of your home, it can be turned into a whole new area of livability. By calling us in for a loft conversion, we can help you take advantage of this neglected space.

We can transform your loft into any type of space you want, and even break it up into separate rooms if there is enough square footage. Our contractors will help you decide, by factoring in your lifestyle, special needs, and preferences, then giving you informed suggestions based on your feedback and our expertise. We will assist you with insulation, skylight installation, paneling walls and ceilings, adding flooring, soundproofing the floors, building emergency exits, and arranging the layout to match up with the lower level’s plumbing and wiring if necessary.

Maximize your space.

Living in an highly or moderately urbanized area comes with a host of conveniences, but an abundance of space is not usually one of them. If your home needs expansion, but you don’t have the ground-space to make structural additions, you’ll be pleased to know that a loft conversion can solve your problem. We can take the existing space in your attic and transform it into a fully finished upper area that gives you and your family more room to live your life.

Built around your needs.

Your upper loft area can be made into any type of space you’d like, it’s just a matter of strategic planning. We can help you find the best way to accommodate your specific type of loft conversion by advising you on arrangements and layouts that flow with the rest of your home. By accounting for plumbing, wiring, structural support, and other important factors, we can save you both time and money on your loft conversion.