Even with the most efficient of floor plans, some houses can’t provide enough storage space for those of us who have a bulk of important belongings to keep secure. When your storage items exceed the storage room available in your home, adding an attic is an ideal solution. We offer professional attic addition services, in which our expert team builds an optimally useful attic into the upper level of your home.

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Toronto Attic Renovations

Decades ago it was commonplace for homes to have built in attics, but in the modern real estate market, attics are becoming a somewhat rare feature. Many homeowners hardly consider this when they make their purchases, but as they become settled in, they often find out that their home is lacking the much-needed storage space that an attic would provide. If you’ve found yourself in this predicament, it’s not too late. Our team specializes in installing new attics into existing homes.

We’ve mastered the practice of integrating functional attics into traditional houses, meaning that we are more than familiar with all of the steps and options in the process. Let us assist you with choosing the proper insulation and its placement, installing ventilation, regular and special needs access ways. We’re also able to make your attic even more efficient by creating built-in storage, such as shelving and cabinetry.

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Having a new attic can seem like a dream come true for homeowners with too many storage items on their hands, but it can quickly become a nightmare if the attic is not structurally sound. Save yourself the trouble of damaged belongings and sky high energy bills by recruiting our attic installation services. We will equip your attic with proper insulation, ventilation, structural support, weatherproofing, and all other necessities.

Release your home's potential.

Attics are wonderfully practical installations both during and after your residency in your home. You can make use of the extra storage space while you occupy the house, and then use it as a top feature when you put the property up for sale. Our team can build you a fully functional attic that will provide you with value even after you’ve moved out by focusing our work on quality that passes the test of time.