Foundation Repairs in Toronto

Call GTC LTD to handle all of your major foundation repairs. It’s important to keep your home well-maintained, but pay particular attention to the foundation. Cracks to your foundation won’t only invite unwanted pests and moisture; they can also threaten the integrity of your home

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We Seal Wet Basements

Repair Foundation and Structural Problems

It’s important to get wet basements repaired as quickly as possible. If water is getting in at all, this is usually an indication that there are some problems with your foundation, and water erosion can make those problems much worse very quickly. For the safety of your home, call GTC LTD as soon as you’ve identified that there is water is getting through your foundation. Remember that water damage doesn’t always cause just structural problems. A leaky basement can also give you problems like… - Unpleasant Odors - Mold Growth - Wood Rot - Buckling Walls - Compromised Storage

We Seal All Types of Cracks

Sometimes, cracks are just bound to happen. This is particularly true for homes in wet climates that must endure the constant damping and drying (and freezing) of the surrounding soil. A well-made home can weather these small cracks well, but they should still be treated every few years to keep them from becoming larger ones. The cracks will definitely get worse as water moves through them, so pay close attention to them all year round. If you’ve allowed your cracks to become large or spread across your basement floor, you’ll want to call in a team that has the experience to handle more serious problems. That’s exactly what you get from GTC LTD. Our professional builders and project managers will know what can be done to prevent future damage and protect your home.

Restore Integrity to Your Home.

Cracks aren’t the only signs of serious damage to your foundation, and you can’t afford to ignore any warning signs when it comes to the structural integrity of your home. Please contact our professionals immediately if you notice any changes in the way your foundation looks. Any sign that your foundation is washed-out, bowed or tipping needs to be addressed immediately.

Any Size Job

Our team has the experience to handle even the biggest jobs like these. You may be surprised what your home can be saved from when creative experts like ours can apply their experience and know-how. Please let us know if you have any questions about damage to your foundation. Contact us today to begin the process of restoring your home’s safety.