A job at Greater Toronto Contractors is one that requires a lot of you. We work hard and learn the same way. We’re perfectionists, idealists, and inventors. Be part of our team and change the way Toronto renovates.



Drywall Contractor

Regardless of whether you’re installing new drywall or removing old plaster or paneling, if you want to join the best in the industry, you've got to have an eye for detail; it’s the little things that really count. Proper technique can either make or break the continuity of a room; things like framing, trim, using straightedge or square marking devices require precise measurements and a steady hand to get it right every time.


Insulation Contractor

Efficacy is your number one concern and you know how crucial insulation is to ensuring a warm winter. But the insulation goes well beyond the walls of the house; hot and cold water piping, refrigeration lines, air conditioning ducts, and other temperature-prone devices also need protecting.


Painting Contractor

Continuous color and even distribution of paint can be the defining feature in any room’s personality. We are looking for painting contractors with a fine eye for detail, as well as a portfolio of impeccable work.


Plumbing Contractor

You are an expert in pipes, drains fittings, and valves. You have mastered the distribution of clean water and waste disposal. Represent Toronto's fastest growing general contracting company in homes across the National Capital Region.


Framing Carpenter

You can take a project down, and put it up again with ease. Framing creates the backbone of any construction project. We are looking for contractors skilled in structural framing, back framing, rough framing, as well as some demolition.


Interior Finishing

You’re an interior finisher and you can do it all – the definition of a handy-man. You are skilled in all or some of the following: tiling, interior framing, drywall & taping, wood flooring, doors & trim, etc. You are the key to a successful renovation project. You are great with homeowners, and you naturally motivate trust.



Ontario electricians have studied and practiced their trade for over 4 years. They are puzzle solvers and creative problem solvers. Use your skills to help homeowners with Greater Toronto Contractors.




Greater Toronto Contractors relies on our estimating team to give the first impression as representatives of our company. It is their job to set fair expectations, educate the client, and show them that we are the company that is going to best complete their renovation. Your goal is to empower the homeowner to make the decision to renovate, because they know that they have enough information and control to handle the process. We give homeowners the ability to make the changes in their home that they have always wanted to. It is the estimator’s job to prove to them that they can do it. Some requirements of our estimators are: high level organization, knowledge of the Ontario Building Code, the ability to learn quickly and easily, and the ability to use basic software. In addition you’ll need a positive attitude, a team mentality and competitive drive.

Project Management


Project Coordinator

There are three priorities in Greater Toronto Contractors’ project management department. First, knowledge of construction and trades. Second, a high level organizational and management skill. But most importantly, and infectious, can-do attitude that comes across to both coworkers and our clients. As a project manager you will be required to meet and be in constant contact with trades and clients. It is your job to enable communication across the entire scope of the job. A working knowledge of Ontario Building Code, along with a strong commitment to organization and time-management, is compulsory. We provide training in all aspects of the job, which include handling job site issues, trouble shooting, comprehensive client communication, and contractor management. You must be patient, able to diffuse situations, and compassionate while handling multiple projects.


Architectural Technologist

The Greater Toronto Contractors design team displays the creativity and construction know-how that sets us apart from other builders in Toronto. The designer is responsible for creating, presenting and controlling all aspects of project designs. You will be 100% responsible for all design details. Your job is to make the design process easy, enjoyable and exciting! Along with the requirement of having an eye for design, you also need to be able to create detailed, accurate building permit designs and allowance specifications. Your measurements must be accurate, your technological skills up-to-date, and you must be aware of modern advancements in home design.



Marketing Coordinator - Web

We're looking for a person who can design creative and exciting websites. The candidate needs to have experience in managing contractors and projects. Additional experience in other aspects of marketing will be considered an asset.


Social Media (2 month Internship)

Social media involves much more than having personal experience on Twitter and Facebook. It requires expertise in many facets of business, including human relationships, communication, marketing, internet technologies, customer service and more. You have the power to connect with followers, and potential customers. You become the face of our company online. Are you up for the challenge?


Public Relations (2 month Internship)

In this marketing position, you’ll be promoting us, our trusted brand throughout Torontoand trying to drum up as much publicity as possible. Are you tenacious enough not to take no for an answer?


Graphic Design (2 month Internship)

A graphic designer, you'll be working closely with the creative director and be uniquely responsible for conceptualization and design of graphic applications such as the website, magazines, posters, ads, and so on. Are you looking for a great way to complete your portfolio? Then join us.


Photography (2 month Internship)

There is really no need to explain what you'll really need to do here other than the fact that you'll be working closely with our graphic designers and marketing team, taking pictures of our team for various ads, unfinished and finished renovations, staged sets for a stock-looking feel.